Denver Life Weddings’ list of the not-so-obvious photographs you’ll cherish for a lifetime

By Alison RothShoes_Brinton Studios

Standard procedure for wedding photographers often involves a shot list of some kind. Whether your list is simple or extensive, you’ll want some obvious photo keepsakes from your big day, such as the first kiss and first dance. However, the world of wedding photography has been transformed through social media and updated photography practices. One of the most popular terms for on-trend wedding photography is photojournalism, or the practice of collecting images— many candid—in order to tell a story, and what better story to capture than your wedding day? Here is our list of the more obscure moments you’ll want to note for your photographer.


1 A Shoe Shot: Whether furry boots or sky-high heels, your footwear often forecasts the style of your wedding. Capture the cowboy boots that set the tone for your rustic get-together or the Jimmy Choos conveying your elegant soiree.


2 Celebratory Bridesmaids: These ladies are your closest family and best friends. Capture their personalities at their best by striking a pose or reenacting a tradition to celebrate your fun-loving, forever relationships.


3 Parents: Of course you want some photos with the people who raised you. But make sure to get more than posed pictures. You’ll treasure the shots of your father’s first look at you in your dress or your mother with tears in her eyes.
4 The littlest participants: Whether they’re smiling or sobbing as they walk down the aisle, your flower girl and ring bearer are some of the cutest wedding guests and well-worth a little camera time.
5 One steamy smooch: Some couples may feel self-conscious demonstrating “PDA” throughout their wedding day. Whether it’s in front of guests or not, make sure to treasure one intimate kiss.


6 Candid Reception Moments: This is a time when you may wish for two photographers. Many professionals recommend a “second shooter” so they won’t miss a moment, such as an impromptu karaoke session or your mother-in-law’s unexpected dance moves.


7 Heading Back Down the Aisle: The walk toward your future spouse is an intimate, once- in- a-lifetime moment. The walk back down the aisle as husband and wife is celebratory and just as special. Don’t forget to capture the smiles and cheers.


8 The Weather: Whether sun, rain or snow, getting a photo in the elements will remind you of whatever weather you cherished or battled on your wedding day. Just remember, rain still means good luck.
9 The End-of-Reception Getaway: The music is winding down, guests’ feet are tiring and you’re probably ready for a nightcap and a good night’s sleep. Make sure your photographer captures the moment as you escape your reception as newlyweds.


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