What venue trend should you follow? Whichever one says “you” the loudest.

Picking a location for the wedding can be stressful. You know you want the latest, trendiest hot-spot, but you also want a venue that speaks to who you are personally. It is also important to be aware about what is in, and what is out.

Wedding planner Kendra Kimball, from Tandem Events, knows just where to start. While some venues may never go out of style, certain themes and accents will. For examaple, Kimball confirms that the beloved mason jar and burlap fabric accents (that hint at our more hipster inclinations) are in fact, out of style. And these decorations typically go hand-in-hand with rustic, barn venues. However, in no way are barn venues out of style. These rustic settings merely require more creative decorating—if you want to avoid the overused mason jar and burlap look.

For venues overall, Kimball has noticed that 2016-2017 brides want custom weddings tailored to just their personality and uniquely done in ways that have not been seen before. This means the modern, industrial and clean-slate venues are the trendiest locations of the year; because it’s here the opportunity to really make the space your own comes into play.

Here are five modern Colorado venues Kimball recommends:


                                                                                                        Courtesy Blanc

3150 Walnut St.

Blanc is known for its eclectic feel. Inside, there’s a large, urban-chic gallery with exposed brick walls and ceiling mechanics, along with plenty of natural light. The outdoor space contrasts nicely from the interior, using a Nantucket atmosphere with a rustic barn adjacent to it. The brick patio also includes a fireplace.


                                                                                                     Courtesy Moss

200 Santa Fe Dr.

Located in the Denver metro area, Moss is an ideal wedding venue. The large space can seat up to 250 guests, and includes a full kitchen for the caterers. The building is from the 1900s, styled using that brick and steel industrial look, with large windows and steel I-beams. Here, the possibilities are endless!


                                                                              Courtesy Della Terra Mountain Chateau

Della Terra Mountain Chateau
3501 Fall River Rd., Estes Park

The Della Terra is situated in scenic Estes Park. This luxury, boutique inn lies at the end of a twisting road and has breath-taking views. The space features lofty ceilings, balcony overlooks, arched windows, two fireplaces and plenty of room. Surrounded by untouched nature, weddings here also have the bonus of being private.


                                                                          Courtesy The Studios at Overland Crossing

The Studios at Overland Crossing
2205 S. Delaware St.

The Studios at Overland Crossing may be a new venue—opening officially in 2012—but the building itself was built in 1881, and has since gone through extensive renovations. The studios maintain their industrial charm, while at the same time offering brides an energetic and state-of-the-art venue.


                                                                                    Courtesy Cielo at Castle Pines

Cielo at Castle Pines
485 W. Happy Canyon Rd.

The Cielo is adaptable to either an intimate ceremony or lavish formal gala. A stone fireplace centers the room, flanked on either side with floor-to-ceiling windows for a grand outdoor backdrop. You can even make a Cinderella-esque entrance into your ceremony down the room’s dramatic staircase.