The notion of a wedding buffet or varied food stations throughout a reception has evolved into an experience that is fun, personal, interactive and delicious. Here, Epicurean Catering demonstrates some of its most popular offerings.

Photography by Annette Slade




Piles of fresh raw scallops, hamachi (yellowtail) and salmon from Sushi Sasa are artfully arranged, all awaiting a quick brush with the blowtorch for a savory sear. Accents include traditional wasabi, pickled ginger and sake. Guests can then choose additional, individual pops of flavor in the form of pipettes filled with spicy sriracha, yum yum sauce or gluten-free tamari.


This entire setup sparkles, from the effervescent wine to the crystal glassware. Whether using French Champagne, Italian prosecco or Spanish cava, the delicate bubbles are prime for pair- ing with an assortment of fruits and herbs—raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, blackber- ries, lemon twists, fresh mint—or sweets—hibiscus crystals, edible pearls, gold sugar, candied pansies. Mimosas make use of fresh-squeezed orange juice, grapefruit juice or peach nectar.


Colorado meats—including carved-to-order, herb-crusted steamship pork; tomahawk steaks; mild Italian rope sausage from Polidori; and Superior Farms rack of lamb—are the centerpiece of this paean to protein. These juicy morsels are accompanied by twice-baked red beet potatoes, grilled sweet potato wedges and Brussels sprouts roasted on the stalk. Guests can season their selections with a variety of dipping sauces, including an herbal chermoula, smoked onion mustard, red chile chimichurri, salsa verde and miso umami aioli.


These DIY desserts get everyone involved in the process. The main ingredient is a dense,
rich homemade marshmallow—in luscious flavors, such as passion fruit, prickly pear and chocolate—slow roasted over a tabletop “campfire.” Then, the melty, gooey mess is sandwiched between graham crackers, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies, vanilla pizzelles or glazed do- nuts and paired with a milk chocolate bar, nutella, homemade almond butter and/or a dollop of triple berry maceration.

Epicurean Catering:
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