Socks Appeal: Menswear Wedding Trend


For years, brides have had all the fun: shoes so shiny you could brush your teeth in them, elaborate hair ornaments, dazzling jewels. But grooms? Well, it’s hard to make a monkey suit look unique.

But these days groom’s parties are breaking out of the doldrums, making statements with brightly colored and patterned coordinating socks. “For her, it’s all about finding pieces that add interest to the typical bridal party look,” says Lindsay Morton Gaiser, buyer and marketing director at Cherry Creek’s Andrisen Morton, “and now the guys want to add that pop of color and intrigue as well.”

What makes it so perfect? The patterns, colors and matching set make for interesting pictures, says Morton Gaiser, “and the nice thing is you don’t really see the socks unless the gentlemen are sitting down or purposely lifting their pants. It’s understated.”

Morton Gaiser and Jon Johnson, managing partner of Larimer Square’s Moda Man, offer these tips on how your guy can choose hosiery everyone will love.

  1. Pick socks that incorporate the color of the suit. “If it’s blue, I might do navy blue and a pink, or choose something that might even go back to the bridesmaid dresses,” Morton Gaiser says.
  2. Look for bright, sophisticated prints rather than novelty or character pairs. “A few years ago I was selling a ton of novelty socks … but now it’s all about really beautiful prints rather than telling a story,” Johnson says.
  3. Check for comfort. “A lot of designed or printed socks aren’t comfortable,” Johnson explains. A line he recommends: Remo Tulliani. “They weave the sole to conform to a man’s foot: It’s like you’re wearing Dr. Scholl’s foot pads.”
  4. Finally, if your big day is formal, go for subdued, traditional designs. Your footwear shouldn’t contrast with the dress code.
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Colorful stripes and patterns add whimsy to the traditional tuxedo look.