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Real Weddings: Jill and Ryan Kronberg
Real Weddings: Jill and Ryan Kronberg

By the numbers. That’s how Anna Finch and Chris Fanning wanted their wedding day to be. Not that they wanted it to be standard in any way. In fact, quite the opposite:

When the couple numbered the tables at their reception, they didn’t opt for the standard “1 through 10.” Instead, the number on each table signified something special in the history of their relationship:

Table 6: The number of years they’ve been together (they were high school sweethearts).
Table 13: The number of Batman movies and TV series they’ve watched together.
Table 36: The number of times Anna has beaten Chris down the mountain.
Table 42: The number of rollercoasters they have ridden together.
Table 2,190: The number of times Chris has made Anna laugh.

“We wanted people to see our relationship through our eyes,” says Finch, an accountant with KPMG. They even got married on January 21, because that was the anniversary of the day they met. “We were at a high school dance. He told a friend, ‘See that girl? She’s really pretty. I want to ask her to dance, but I’m too nervous.’ When there was 20 minutes left in the dance, I thought, ‘Fine. If he’s not going to ask me, I’m going to ask him.’ After we danced, he said, ‘What are the chances of my getting your number?’ So I gave him my number and we haven’t stopped talking since.” Even then, Fanning, now a software developer for General Motors, was a rabid Batman fan, so for the wedding, he wore a Batman tee under his formal shirt, as well as Batman cufflinks. Anna wore a Batman garter under her dress, and the couple even created a “Chris Heart Anna” Batman logo for the ceremony, held at St. Bernard of Montjoux Church in Winter Park, and reception, at the Sun Spot Lodge at the top of the mountain. Avid skiers, the couple topped their cake (by Sugar Brick) with skis and a snowboard. For fun, they used a handcrafted sword to cut it.

The special moments that day were too many to count. But the most important number of the whole event belonged to Table 1—which, the couple says, stands for one true love.

The Details

WEDDING PLANNER L Elizabeth Events with Laura Pearson
PHOTOGRAPHER Michele DeVries of IN Photography
CEREMONY VENUE St. Bernard of Montjoux Church; 970.887.0082
VENUE/RECEPTION Lodge at Sunspot with Emily Jackson,
CATERER Winter Park with Emily Jackson
FLORIST Bella Lu Floral with Angela Rohr
BAKERY Sugar Breck with Katy Pierson
MUSIC/DJ Skyline Productions with Eric Bernal
HAIR Hayley Styles with Hayley Hale
MAKEUP Heather Baker at Makeup by Heather B
RENTALS Chair Covers and Linens
Real Weddings: Jill and Ryan Kronberg