A ring before THE ring


Courtesy Abby Sparks Jewelry

Have a feeling your significant other is about to pop the question but worried he isn’t getting your hints about a dream engagement ring? Then you’re a perfect candidate for Abby Sparks Jewelry’s new loaner ring program.

For $500, your fiancé can “rent” a classic solitaire ring with a sparkling cubic zirconium to give you when he proposes. Within 30 days of the proposal, you make an appointment at the Abby Sparks studio (3216 Tejon St.) to start designing your forever ring.

When you come in, you can either return the loaner ring (with the $500 rental fee going toward your final designed ring) or, if you want to wear it in the meantime, buy the loaner with $250 of your deposit. (Creative director and owner Abby Sparks says, on average, a custom piece takes six weeks.) If you decide to go with another store, you keep the ring but forfeit the $500 charge.

“Loaner rings solve the problem of time and not fully knowing what she wants, they honor the moment and the surprise element and they honor intentionality,” says Sparks. Plus, your Instagram followers will love it.