Colorado photographers are experts at using the light and braving the elements, all to capture the moments that make your memories.

By Alex Hopkins

Angie Wilson Photography

Angie Wilson

Angie Wilson Photography

Based in Boulder, Angie Wilson has always been an art lover and received her master’s in art history. Wilson’s love for photography began with a casual purchase of her first camera while pregnant with her son. A year later, Wilson had started her own business. Shooting weddings both small and large, Wilson uses her creative eye to capture intimate moments and create a tangible keepsake for brides, grooms, and their families and friends.

What types of weddings do you shoot? I would say they’re all over the place. I do some really large weddings with 400 guests or more and then lots of weddings where there are 50 guests. We’ve shot laid-back farm weddings and more traditional weddings.

Describe your photography style? Although my photos look unposed, sometimes there’s a little bit of involvement from us trying to get a shot. I work in more of a modern branch of photography that is more photojournalistic and editorial.

What do you find most gratifying about your work?  Being able to produce something for my clients that I know is a lasting element of their wedding day. The cake gets eaten, the dress goes in the closet, and all the guests go home. I love being able to produce something for them that lasts so long and that hopefully someday their children and grandchildren will be able to look at.AngieWilson 2

Do you have any interesting stories?  There was one December wedding; the bride was from Florida. They had chosen the Ritz-Carlton as their venue in Beaver Creek because of its location right against the mountains, and the couple was very determined to have an outdoor ceremony. It turned out that a major cold front came through, and the temperatures that day were in the negatives. They went ahead and had the outdoor ceremony at sunset, and the temperature was probably no warmer than –10 degrees. It was definitely the most extreme weather I’ve ever experienced for a wedding ceremony.

What distinguishes your work?  I think everybody has his or her own unique style that looks a little bit different. Every photographer’s personality gets reflected n the photos because the photographer can control the mood. I try to be more fun and open and get people to relax and be themselves—I think that gets reflected in my photos.

What advice would you give couples choosing a photographer?  Picking a photographer whose work they really love is key because if they love the photographer’s work, then they’re not going to have to worry, and the photographer can do what he or she does best. Also, they have to meet the photographer in person to make sure that they connect—the photographer is usually the one person who’s at their side most of the day.

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