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Forget what you think you know about bridal showers and get ready for a whole new experience. This year’s biggest trends prove there is no set agenda for hosting this very special prewedding party. In fact, it’s all about uniquely representing the bride and giving the guests a little bit more than just a slice of cake.

A quick survey of some of Denver’s top industry experts shows that activity-filled and deeply personal affairs are the rage. Looking for an engaging task that will make your bride swoon and leave invitees with a new talent too? Here are a few inspirational ideas and workshops to reflect your guest of honor.

Nothing says romance more than a beautiful bouquet of seasonal blooms. Laura Shackles, owner of Blush & Bay, says floral arranging events are more than just a task; they encourage meaningful interaction among shower attendants. “Working with flowers allows guests to really get to know and appreciate each other,” she says. These “Petal Parties,” as Shackles calls them, include printed step-by- step instructions, specific flowers to choose from and all of the tools necessary for creating an imaginative party favor. “Who doesn’t love to take home flowers from an event?” Shackles asks. “Best of all, there is still plenty of time for mingling and opening gifts.”


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For a bride who will soon be addressing numerous thank you cards, this event couldn’t be more suitable. “What we like to incorporate into bridal showers is an activity that’s more exciting than a game and allows guests to take home more than a prize, but an actual skill,” says Rustic + Refined Events owner Brittany Rowan. Although there are many ways to go about hosting a hand-lettering experience, Rustic + Refined often partners with specialty card creator May Engelstad, owner of Poco Post, to teach mini courses on the art of handwriting—what they call faux-lligraphy.

The second part of their activity is all about creating a memento for the lady of the hour: a calendar for the newlyweds’ first year together. Each guest (or pair or group for large events) selects a month and creates a page complete with original artwork and a fun date idea to enjoy one night during that month. It’s a win-win scenario; guests leave the event with newly developed artistic flair, and the bride has an extremely thoughtful keepsake.


Learning the art of fancy “faux-lligraphy” is a practical and fun way to engage shower guests. Courtesy Jackie Cooper

Who says a bridal shower has to be covered in pink and filled with champagne? For the funkier bride who wouldn’t mind getting her hands on a set of power tools, an upcycled art class may be perfect. “The classes we host at Show of Hands in Cherry Creek are a unique, fun and creative experience,” says Alan Moore of the Moore Family Folk Art. The entire evening is organized around empowering women to be creative and try something new. Materials provided often include vintage soda cans, antique buttons, bottle caps, weathered metals, Scrabble tiles, piano parts and much more. “We love showing them examples of what can be made from antique pieces and seeing where their minds run. Of course, the floral bouquet sculptures are always a shower hit,” says Show of Hands owner Katie Friedland.


Recycled and repurposed items can be transformed into a variety of creative art projects. Courtesy Sheena Ratliff

When hosting a bridal shower, no matter what you do or where you do it, the true treasures are in the details. The invitations and catering should be personal and authentic.

When designing invitations, Ashley Gaffney of Ashley Gaffney Designs says that “life elements,” meaning insider-y details about the bride and groom’s favorite things, are increasingly part of wedding stationery; an invite that truly reflects the bride will mean the most at the end of the day.

So how can personalization be represented through food? Pull from deeper roots. “More and more often we are asked to use family china when catering wedding showers,” says Jessica Avery, owner of House of Commons. “It’s a unique way to showcase the bride’s history.”

Special touches and one-of-a-kind moments will result in a wedding shower worth cherishing. There are no rules to creating the perfect celebration, so get inspired, have some fun and genuinely honor the beautiful bride.

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