By Marian Amini



Courtesy From the Hip Photo

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s a … drone? You’ve seen drone photography in sporting events and in Hollywood movies—now you can find the devices capturing the excitement and beauty of your wedding day. We chatted with Danny de Zayas, co-founder of From the Hip Photo, on why you might want to have one flying up above on your big day.

When it comes to weddings, what shots can a drone get that traditional photography can’t?

“There are two main shots we focus on when using drone photography. The first is an aerial shot that captures the wedding’s scenic location. This is especially popular in Colorado, where there are so many stunning venues—the drone really captures the space and vastness of nature. The second is the wedding party. Some of my favorite shots are when the couple is encircled by their entourage as everyone looks up and cheers. Sometimes we can even do this with all the guests.”

Is it worth the additional cost?

“While a drone is a really neat addition, it doesn’t make sense for every wedding. But there are certain locations and shots that couples want that make a drone the best option. For example, we photographed a wedding at Spruce Mountain Ranch where the groom, as a surprise, rode his jet ski to the ceremony. He wore his tux underneath his wet suit and rode from one side of the lake to where the ceremony was. We flew the drone above him as he rode in the water. There was no other way to get that shot—it was one of a kind.”

What should couples consider before committing to drone photos?

“I think couples should mainly ask themselves, ‘What’s the shot?’ They need to think about what they really want that can only be captured with a drone, and then use this as a springboard to structure other photo opportunities around. There are also some locations where using a drone wouldn’t make sense, and would even be a nuisance. Drones are very noisy—they sound like a swarm of bees.”

BOOK IT: From the Hip Photo charges a $500 upgrade fee to add drone photography to wedding packages.