Original bridal show concept takes the wedding planning experience to the next level


By Alex Hopkins

Carrie Friesen Photography

Carrie Friesen Photography

As the bride glides down the aisle, onlookers gaze upon her with adoring eyes. A heartfelt ceremony follows, with guests trying to hold back tears during the reading of the vows. Then, it’s on to the reception, complete with dancing, champagne and, of course, cake.

Sounds like a typical wedding, right? Well, let’s call it a dry run. This is The Big Fake Wedding, an experiential event for wedding vendors to showcase what they have to offer future brides and grooms.

The Big Fake Wedding

Emily Millay Photography

“It’s a great way for brides and grooms to actually see vendors in action,” says LaBruce Trammell, marketing director for show. “They get to smell the flowers, taste the cake and dance to the music, as opposed to just getting business cards.”

At this lively event, married couples are able to renew their vows in front of attendees, reiterating The Big Fake Wedding’s goal of encouraging not only a great ceremony, but a solid marriage.

Attendees also receive swag bags filled with goodies including gourmet food, bridal magazines for inspiration and notebooks to jot down ideas. And, grooms are not forgotten.

“If (grooms) don’t want to talk to the wedding dress boutique, they don’t have to,” Trammell says. “They can go
and hang out with the DJ or bartender. It’s neat because they can pick and choose their experience.”

Elvira Kalviste Photography

The promise of entertainment may initially bring future brides and grooms to this show, but the prizes are what keep them coming back. At the end of each calendar year, The Big Fake Wedding presents The Big Giveaway, which is what Trammell calls “The Newlywed Starter Kit.” Prizes range from a case of exclusive wine to an all-inclusive trip to a tropical destination to opulent home décor items.

With so many ideas, features and giveaways, the wedding at this event may be fake, but the fun? That’s all real.



The Big Fake Wedding, Denver

August 5, 2015

7:00 p.m.

NOAH’S Event Venue