Craft distilleries offer some of the best options for delivering your wedding guests a taste of Colorado.

By Dana R. Butler

When it comes to beverages at weddings, the bar has often been something of an afterthought. However, with the rise
of foodie culture, boutique wineries and craft breweries, couples have begun making more careful choices when it comes to drinks. The craft distillery movement has made an impact as well, from featured artisanal vodka cocktails to whiskey
flights making an appearance. These four Colorado distillers create some of the best spirits you can invite to share your big day.


Laws Secale straight rye.

Laws Whiskey House is the newest of the bunch, and all they do is whiskey. Alan Laws uses local ingredients, ages his whiskey year-round and is adamant about not taking any shortcuts in the preparation and waiting until the whiskey tells him it’s ready to be consumed. He says he wants to raise the bar on whiskey in the state, and his devotees say
he’s doing it.

Currently, Laws has two products on the market. The first is a four-grain straight bourbon whiskey— rare in the whiskey world—that blends the flavors of the barley, wheat, rye and corn that go into it. Also available is the extremely popular Secale straight rye; the first batch launched in June and sold out immediately, and Laws is just readying the second. Still in barrels are a wheat, a barley and a corn whiskey, all of which have yet to announce their readiness to those who created them.

The result of all this care is that it’s very smooth. “It tastes of the distinctive terroir of Colorado,” Laws says. The grains he uses include some heirloom varieties grown in the San Luis Valley. “We’re not trying to make Kentucky whiskey,” he says. “We taste like where we come from.”

The best way to enjoy it, he says, is just as it comes out of the barrel, but, he adds, a splash of water really opens up an explosion of flavor and aroma.