Capture your favorite moments and the elegant details of your perfect day.

Photo by Red Shoes Photography


Shine on your wedding day and forever after in your captured memories by choosing a photographer you feel comfortable and relaxed around. Be sure his or her style suits your taste—be it traditional photo or photojournalistic style. Today’s couplPhoto by Elevate Photographyes are opting for a casual take on some classic poses. For instance, get your wedding party together, but forget the rigid shoulder-to-shoulder line and instead capture a candid moment of the group.
A great photographer will capture the intimate moments when you think no one is paying attention. You’ll relish those photos for the rest of your life, so be sure your photographer demonstrates that ability in his or her portfolio. Be sure when you put together your shot list, you remember to take in all the details. You’ll want to paint a complete picture of the event down to the last details.
Give your photographer free rein to get creative when finishing your photos. While you might think you don’t want any color-enhanced or black-and-white photos, you could be pleasantly surprised with the results. The more you let your photographer get to know you as a couple, the more your wedding album will reflect your personalities and the more you will enjoy it for years to come.




Fall photo by Elevate Photography;Pink flowers and grey outfits photos by Nicole Nichols Photography;Orange bouquet photo by Elevate Photography;Photo by Kira Horvath Photography

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