Colorado photographers are experts at using the light and braving the elements, all to capture the moments that make your memories.

By Alex Hopkins


Ben Eng Photography
Born in New York, Ben Eng moved to Colorado Springs as a kid, attended college in Durango, and now lives full
time in Telluride. In his free time, he embraces the active Colorado lifestyle, snowboarding and mountain biking. His photography reflects his own daily routine as he shoots mostly outdoor weddings. Eng’s photos are each unique and tasteful as he avoids the common clichés of the typical wedding photo stereotype.

What types of weddings do you shoot? Mostly medium to large weddings. I haven’t shot any themed weddings, but almost every one I have ever shot has been outdoors in the mountains.


Describe your photography style. I prefer to work in a hands-off photojournalistic style most of the wedding day, but that’s not practical for the creative portrait session with the bride and groom or the family photos. Also, I prefer to work with natural light, but that’s not always possible, depending on the weather and lighting in the venue. I’m really good with off-camera lighting and use a variety of remote flashes and portable studio strobes.
What distinguishes your work? I try to avoid anything cliché or corny like making hearts with hands, groomsmen holding up the bride, and dips.
What do you find most gratifying about your work? I create images for people that are personal and have meaning. In most other areas of professional photography, the end use of your images is to market stuff and feed the endless cycle of consumption.
Can the bride and groom request shots they want? Yes, of course—as long as it’s not a standard list of “must haves” cut directly out of a bridal magazine or a Pinterest board that I’m expected to exactly duplicate. I prefer to work with my clients directly on this.
What advice would you give couples choosing a photographer? Keep in mind your photos are going to be one of the few tangible things you have left after the wedding. Don’t skimp on the photography budget by hiring hobbyists. You’re going to be spending a lot of time with the photographer, so it’s important that your personalities mesh. Also, when you do narrow down your choice, do an engagement shoot with your photographer. Most people do not spend a lot of time in front of a camera, so it can be an awkward experience. An engagement shoot can help you get familiar with how your photographer works and make you more relaxed on the wedding day.



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