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Forget your normal workout routine: You’re getting married! This is the perfect time to break away from the humdrum treadmill and free weight routine and stretch your fitness legs with fun workout classes suited to boost every major muscle group you’re looking to fine-tune for your wedding day.

From barbell training to a workout with an aerial view, these four fitness classes at Denver gyms will keep you pumped up until the day you say “I do.” And when your inbox fills up with “friendly” suggestions from your bridesmaids, your mom is calling you more than twice a day and you’re finding it hard to cope with all the stress … well, these sweat sessions are here for that, too.


Courtesy Pura Vida Fitness & Spa

Pura Vida Fitness & Spa 
2955 E. First Ave.

Workout type: Cardio and spot training
Time commitment: 45 minutes

Taking place at Denver’s nationally accredited, five-level fitness sanctuary and created by Under Armour athlete Natalie Uhling, NUFit uses dance moves, a ball, light free weights, gliding discs and a mat in a combination of cardio and muscle-toning exercises to slim and tighten the entire body. In what Uhling calls “experiential fitness,” each session is filled with unique workout moves based on spontaneity, passion, creativity and intensity. Expect to sculpt your abs, arms, legs and glutes.

“NUFit is an energetic community of badass women and men who are looking to take their fitness to the next level,” Uhling says. “Brides love NUFit because it’s a total body workout that is focused on high-energy cardio paired with spot toning. When you combine those two techniques, it creates the perfect storm for that long, lean body type brides are looking for.”


Courtesy Tru Fit

Tru Fit
various locations

Workout type: Weight training
Time commitment: 30, 45, or 55 minutes

Activate your muscles with the help of a barbell in this weight-lifting class. Using light weights and lots of repetition, this fitness regimen is the most popular barbell program on the planet. And for good reason: Each class works all major muscle groups with a background of upbeat music, strength-building moves, toning and encouragement.

Take this class at Tru Fit, an athletic club with locations across Colorado whose mantra is “anything is possible with a set of goals,” and you’ll find direction from certified trainers. According to Harry Reo, managing partner of the Colorado Tru Fit locations, one of the great things about this program is class attendees can get a truly skilled teacher. “We only use Les Mills certified trainers for Body Pump,” he says. Add flexibility in class lengths and the fact that it’s a serious calorie burn (one class can torch up to 540 calories), and there’s plenty to work up a sweat over.


Courtesy Barre3

2828 E. 6th Ave.

Workout type: Dance
Time commitment: 1 hour

With just one studio in Colorado— and only 100 boutique locations around the world—barre3’s classes combine exercises from the ballet barre, yoga and Pilates for a wholebody workout that focuses on balance. Using a “hold, move small, move big” formula, these group workouts are designed to increase energy (that you can use for planning!) while creating visible results. Plus, every participant is encouraged to make each move her own.

“Targeting areas like core, arms, legs and glutes, barre3 is a full body workout that helps brides tone up and strengthen the body before tying the knot. Barre3 also helps to keep the mind focused during our 60-minute in-studio workout, so when class is over, they can tackle their to-do list,” says Julie Gordon, owner of the Denver studio.

Want to do more than just pop in? Barre3 has a Balanced Bride package that includes three months of unlimited in-studio classes, reservations for you and your friends to do a class together and a “wedding prep bag” that includes a barre3 tote, core ball and DVD workout.


Courtesy Samantha Diane

Creator: Samantha Diane
Take the class at : The Rebel Workout, 324 S. Broadway

Workout type: Aerial acrobatics
Time commitment: 1 hour

Let your wedding worries take flight with Samantha Diane, a Denver-based professional aerialist and National Academy of Sports Medicine–certified personal trainer, and her new fitness class, Aerial Fitness. Using aerial slings and silks, Diane takes each class through body-weighted moves combining aerial acrobatics, Pilates and barre principles. Although it’s not considered a complete acrobatic class, the workout does guarantee a gravity-defying experience—Diane calls it a mix between TRX and Cirque du Soleil.

“My class is amazing for brides who want to show off their strong and toned physiques in a sleeveless or halter dress, as it develops insanely strong core muscles and defines arm and back muscles,” she says.